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PAX Demonstration

On this page you will find a set of examples, demonstrating some of the capabilities of the PAX library. Most example have an explanation, and code to show how it works.

Core PAX functionality

Datagrid (ajax)

Ajax driven data grid with many display and formatting options

Validation (simple)

Various standard form field validation options including: numeric, alpha, length, notEmpty, etc...

Validation (extended)

Extended form field validation including: managed ajax queries, input widgets, custom validation, etc...

Date picker widget

Widget for simple input of dates, with format validation, and the ability to calculate dates from strings, eg: 'tomorrow'

Tabset widget

Widget that shows a set of tabs, based on either HTML markup, javascript, iframe or ajax data


A bunch of examples of how to use PAX templates, including partial rendering

PAX plugins

Anything that is not considered 'core functionality' is created as a widget plugin; such widgets usually include functionality that is very specific to a certain type of application. These include (but are not limited to):

Spell checker plugin

Plugin widget that allows spell checking of text areas via ajax

Google maps plugin

Plugin widget that makes it easier to display google maps and street view

Video plugin

Plugin widget that makes it simpler to display videos from various sites

Widget builder plugin

Plugin that you can use to create PAX widgets with