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PAX templates

This page contains examples of how to use the PAX template library. The main intended purpose of the library is developing UI widgets, and as such, it has a rather unique feature: partial rendering. In normal template solutions, this would be appropriate, but in the case of browser based rendering, this feature is most valuable, when developing an efficient UI widget.
The features demonstrated here are:

Example 1: a simple template with some data

This example displays a small form, with some data. This is one of the most simple examples of using a PAX template.

Form goes here

Example 2: a table of financial data

This example displays a table of customers with outstanding amounts. The amounts that are greater than a threshold value are highlighted, so they are easy to spot in the example.
Note: We use the CSS from this CSS file to display the table as it is.

Employee table goes here

Example 3: an asyncronously, partially rendered template

This example displays a small form, with some data, and the partially renders a component of it, when you click the 'Display notes field' button.

Form goes here