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 bindQueue, pax
 defaultTabAttribute, pax.widget.tabset
 dict, window
 docLoaded, pax.load
 docLoadedFuncs, pax.load
 docRoot, pax
 genElementID, pax.util
 idCounter, pax
 requestQueue, pax
 resourcePath, pax
 showDebug, pax
 showStatusSpinner, pax
 statusSpinnerContainer, pax
 statusSpinnerImage, pax
 uniqueId, pax.widget
List of functions bound to objects.
The attribute we use by default to identify a tab, in static tabs
Window dictionary for tracking windows
True if the document DOM has loaded (excluding images and sub-documents).
List of functions to run when the document has loaded
String to prefix all server calls with, useful for ensuring security is not broken easily
Global Gnerated element unique id
Controls how the date guesser handles matches and keywords, you can override this with a different langauge, English (Australian) is default.
Unique ID counter for generating temporary DOM IDs
Array of requests.
Path to the resource directory
Outputs debug to console in certain instances, if true
Boolean to choose if we should display the status spinner
The default container (DOM Element) to put the statusbox spinner into.
The default image to use for the spinner, relative to the resource path
Unique identifiers counter for widgets