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This is the main PAX library, encapsulating the xmlHttpRequest obj, event handeling with request queue management, event binding, and so on.
This class creates boxes for various purposes; it’s a base class for window, and widget classes
This class caches objects in the DOM
This class caches templates in the DOM, and provides convenient methods to manage them.
This class allows various ways of parsing of data
This is the date parsing and manipulation library; the date formatting methods in this script are from the awesome script by Baron Schwartz, originally published here:
This PAX library contains methods to manipulate and access forms.
This class allows various effects and graphical attribues of CSS classes to be manipulated, and multiple effects to be applied to one or more DOM elements; it utalises tweening, which allows good control over animations and effects.
This is library can detect when the complete DOM has been rendered.
This PAX library can parse and render a PAX template
This PAX library contains a set of methods to be used in a PAX template to format template data, so that it appears uniform, eg: capitalise names.
This is the utility part of the PAX library, it has handy methods to do various tasks
This is the form validation part of the PAX library
Base widget class for all PAX widgets
This is a button widget, that can render buttons, for use in other widgets
This is a datagrid widget, that can render in various ways
This is a widget that allows you to pick a date, plus parse text such as ‘next friday’
This is an auto-complete box
This is a menu widget, that can render in various ways
This is a widget that sets up a tabset
This is a window widget, that can render windows in various ways
This class creates and manages “windows” for various applications, such as dialogs and draggable windows.